Simple posing rules that make parents more at ease in front of the camera

Parents are always so excited for me to capture their gorgeous little babies. Yet when it comes to joining their little bundles of joy in front of the camera, nervousness and insecurity seem to somehow sneak in. As an avid advocate of family images - trust me, the photographs that EVERYONE loves most are the ones that feature the entire family - I do my very best to make parents feel at ease in front of the camera. I hope the following tips will prove helpful in preparing for when it is your time to shine. Posing really is more simple than you think, trust me! 1. Keep your back straight. Always. I don't know about you, but I have grown up with my dad's voice in the back of my head "Stand up / sit up straight". And dad couldn't be more right! Not just in photography, but in life, standing up straight, with your shoulders back and relaxed makes you look tall and focused. It also ensures that and bumps and lumps created through slouching are ironed out, giving a wonderful figure. 2. Angles are always flattering It's good to avoid facing the camera head straight. When you shoulders are parallel to the camera is when you will look your widest. Instead, opt for a more flattering and interesting 45 degree angle. 3. What is closest to the camera will appear the largest An instant way to shed a few pounds off your frame (should this be something you are aiming for), is to shift your body weight onto the leg that is further away from the camera. Sounds easy? It is! Hopefully you have found these tips helpful! There is no need to memorize long lists that tackle each and every body part. It is my absolute pleasure to advise you and make you feel at ease during your shoot. If you find family photo shoots exciting and would like to chat about organising one for your lovely family, please do get in touch.

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