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In today’s blog post I have decided to tackle the topic of retouching! Retouching and editing are an important part of a newborn and baby photographer’s skillset and one of the key reasons you would want to turn to a professional to create your baby’s portraits.

Disclaimer: Out of respect and sensitivity for my clients I am not using my own 'before and after' photographs, though these internet-sourced images are a very good representation of my day to day as a photographer.

There is nothing wrong with the images you are seeing. Pretty much all babies go through the phase of having sensitive skin that reacts to baby’s new environment – the outside world. It is our job as newborn and baby photographers to remove any unwanted skin distractions, whilst maintaining baby’s beautiful features.

Baby acne, dry, peeling skin – we have seen it all and will lovingly and patiently retouch it away, so baby looks as perfect as the day she/he was born! Clients are often surprised to hear that the editing of the photographs lasts much longer than the actual photo session. Depending on baby’s skin and the number of images a client wishes to keep, a retouching session can take up to 15 hours! (This also plays a great role in the pricing of newborn and baby photography).

The hours spent in front of the screen working on baby’s edited photographs are still a great pleasure for me. I take the opportunity to look back on our lovely photo shoot and recall the great conversation I had with mum and dad, and all the details their shared with me about their new family life.

And secretly, I envision what our next session will look like too – you know, when they return to create more gorgeous portraits once baby has grown a little!

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