3 things I learned from my very first cake smash session

Baby photography chelsea

Baby photography chelsea

Baby photography chelsea

Baby photography chelsea

Baby photography chelsea

I cannot begin to explain how excited I was for my first cake smash. Delicious cake, festive decor and a cute baby - the perfect ingredients for a smashing photoshoot.

The sticky endeavour proved to be a great success - leaving baby Philipp quite entertained by the unusual activity we had subjected him to (remember, ever since they are born, babies are thought NOT to play with food).

And whilst our cake smash was such great fun, I would like to share with you a little list of things I could have done differently.

1. Leave the cake making to the professionals

This session was quite a big deal for me. So naturally, I wanted to be in charge of everything - including the cake making and decorating. Little did I know that I had become a bit rusty when it came to my baking capabilities. And although both Philipp and his mum loved my cake, I must admit I was not all too fascinated with my rustic-looking attempt.

My tip: Either perfect the craft of cake making or leave it to the pros.

2. Whatever you do, do not put the cake in the freezer for the frosting to set

Whether you make the cake yourself (See point 1) or buy it from a lovely bakery, popping it in the freezer is never a good idea. Even if it is for a mere thirty minutes. Little did we suspect that the icy cold feel of the frosting would startle little Philipp, leaving him averse to touching the cake, let alone launching an entire fist into it... We ended up having to wait for the cake’s temperature to normalise for the fun to commence.

My tip: Be smart about how your cake is frosted, so you don’t have to constantly chill it.

3. Do NOT be greedy

I confess. Philipp's mum and I got a tad too excited about the cake. It was hard not to - lemon sponge with cream cheese frosting (dyed blue). As much as we wanted amazingly sticky shots, we fancied a piece of the cake even more. So, we made sure that there was enough undamaged cake for us to enjoy after the shoot. Rookies. Greedy rookies.

My tip: Ensure there are enough delicious treats on set, that you don’t get tempted to do what we did. The photoshoot cake deserves to be demolished in all its glory.

I hope you found these tips useful. If you find cake smash sessions exciting and would like to chat about organising one for your birthday-baby-to-be, do get in touch.

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