Pregnancy milk bath - the perfect gift for the expecting mama

Maternity Photography Chelsea

Maternity Photography Chelsea

Maternity Photography Chelsea

Spa experience meets photoshoot - that is the simplest way to describe this indulgent session, created to celebrate the beauty of pregnancy and expectancy of a new life.

And the results are stunning!

Stripped from any reminder of her everyday life, mum-to-be relaxes in a warm milky bath, surrounded by beautiful flowers that reflect her taste and personality. The colourful flowers are positioned around the gorgeous bump, whilst mum cradles her belly for a picture-perfect photograph.

I promise, this is the most comfortable way to be photographed whilst pregnant!

And the added benefit is that your skin will be so silky smoothe once the session is over... It's no wonder Cleopatra made milk baths part of her regular beauty regime - milk is nourishing, moisturizing and exfoliating.

Just the final bit of pampering you need before your little baby arrives!

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