The one thing I would like all my clients to know

Dearest parents,

Thank you for booking me to create magical images of your sweet little newborn, tiny baby, excited birthday boy or girl, or mischievous toddler. I am thrilled, every single time.

Each baby is different and special and I aim to give each one of my tiny clients 150% of my attention and care. I like to think that I go above and beyond trying to understand, in the few hours that we spend together, what the personality and character of your little one is, in order to best capture it in my photographs.

Yet one thing that I find repeats itself at every single session, is the parents’ apologetic tone at the beginning of our shoot. “I hope he doesn’t play up today”, “I am really worried she may cry too much during our shoot”, “You cannot believe how hard it was to dress them up and get them in the car this morning, we almost ran late” …

The truth is, I am meeting your little one(s) for the first time, I have never experienced them crying, nor have I spent a sleepless night and I have never had to chase them around the house to get their trousers one. To my, they are perfect and innocent and I have all the patience in the world to guide them through their photo shoot, all the while keeping them relaxed and entertained.

I understand the nature of my business. And more importantly, I understand just how much care and attention a little one needs. You never have to apologise to me or feel bad if they are not at their smileyest (is this a word?) every second of our photo shoot. I adopt a calm and loving approach to my photo sessions and so far, have always come out with lovely images that the parents treasure forever.

So, dear parents, please don’t ever feel uncomfortable again. In just a few minutes, your little one’s mood will have changed and they will be ready to smile at the camera again!

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