Incorporating heirloom items into your photo shoot

One of the first things that I would do when I arrive at a client's home on the day of our photo shoot is to briefly scout the living and sleeping areas for family treasures. And no, I don't mean grandma's pearl necklace or vintage pin...

I am after handmade quilts; blankets and wraps that have been lovingly knit by auntie, grandma or another doting family member. Sometimes, mum herself has been hard at work in anticipation of her little angel, creating a cozy blanket to keep her little baby warm.

Occasionally, the parents would have kept a wrap or blanket from the time they themselves were babies. Can there be anything more special and meaningful than photographing their newborn in such an heirloom item! This definitely makes for a photograph that would melt parents' and grandparents' hearts alike!

I love paying tribute to such items and the generations of family that have created and used them. And who knows, one day, when baby is all grown up, they too will pass down the heirloom piece to their child. And the photograph we created together will remain as a cherished memory of the time she/he was just as teeny tiny as their baby.

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