Natural baby photo shoot - fun with mum and dad

I always stay very true to my style - light, airy, fun, family friendly. And this is where my list ends. Beyond this point there is very little that I can tell you about what you can expect from your photographs, as they are completely inspired by you and the moment I am with you and your family, getting to know you and your preciously little baby, seeing how you interact with each other.

I do promise that you will love what you see - without sounding too proud, I must admit parent all too often are in owe of just how well the personality of their little one is reflected in the photographs I present them with.

It was such a pleasure spending time with this gorgeous family, chatting over many cups of tea in between takes! Sometimes families are all to quick too apologies that "they are wasting time" as we pause for a feeding break.

Yet breaks for feeding and cuddles and downtime for baby are all part of the photo shoot process. And definitely a part I truly enjoy. So far I have been so lucky to have fantastic clients - all with interesting backgrounds and exciting stories to tell.

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