Don't miss out on baby photography for the wrong reasons

I love chatting to as many new and future mums about my business and about creating pictures for their little one. When doing so, I genuinely promote the opportunity for mum to have unique photographs with the tiny creature that she created and has been nurturing from the very first minute.

All too often I get a worried look. "But I am not sure about how I will look in the pictures, I have just given birth and I haven't been getting much sleep ever since" must be what she is thinking.

Well, ladies, I am here to tell you that I can take amazing pictures of you - just as you are!

What you might not be realising is that your hair looks divine, just as it is. During maternity hair grows so strong and beautiful - I see this across all my clients (deep down, I am so, so jealous - in a nice way, I promise). Many girls spend hundreds of pounds on extensions to get a mane like yours! All too often, you don't even need to style it much, just let the gorgeous locks loose.

The love you have for your little one makes your eyes sparkle. I enjoy photographing the way you look at your baby as you hold him in your arms and quietly whisper to him. That love lights up your entire face and you look like a queen, I promise!

You don't have to wait until you have lost weight / dyed your hair / whitened your teeth and become some over-idealised version of yourself. Please just come as you are (not the Nirvana song :P) and you will leave looking and feeling amazing.

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