Timeless maternity photographs

Maternity photography is so special to me. It is where everything begins. There is just something so wonderful about the opportunity of meeting mum, learning about her pregnancy journey, her expectations and aspirations for her little one before he/she is born! So, when it is time for the newborn shoot, everything feels much more familiar - like good friends.

Another amazing reason to start investing in family photography during pregnancy is for the unique opportunity to recreate your favourite belly shots once baby has arrived. Just picture how gorgeous a portrait of mum hugging baby in her arms, a blue bow gently holding them both closer together. Or baby cuddled up on mum's belly as she lays in bed, that very same blue bow sweetly positioned on baby's back.

In today's rushed world, it is all too possible - even with the best of intentions - to let time slip past, and before you know it, the chance to create memorable photographs of the special time in your life may be gone.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch and chat about your pregnancy shoot!

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