5 Tips on designing the perfect nursery for your little one

Baby photography chelsea

I have had a store crush on the gorgeous 'The Baby Cot Shop' for such a long time! If you have ever passed by this beautiful store on the King's Road, you will definitely know why. The exquisite handcrafted pieces are an absolute dream and add the perfect mix of comfort and style to every nursery and bedroom. Luxury bedroom furniture for children is the order of the day at the Baby Cot Shop and the King's Road certainly is a fitting home for this chic baby boutique.

I was thrilled to finally meet the lovely Toks - owner of this fabulous brand - and chat about what makes a perfect nursery. She generously shared her tips and insight on what to consider when designing your little one's room:

Pieces - When putting together an exciting new bedroom or nursery, or simply waving that magic wand to rejuvenate an existing room, many of our mums and dads think… Where do I start and what do I choose? It can be a daunting task to start choosing furniture for your children, working out how to use the space, what fits together and how pieces can complement each other. The Baby Cot Shop always say, regardless of which room you are working with, go for what you like! It is vital that you choose pieces that you like and that your little one with love. The bespoke nature of what The Baby Cot Shop means that we offer fabric options, finishes and colour combinations to make your bespoke furniture exactly how you want it. Because of this, it makes your life easier to capture and create a theme, the personality of you and your little one and to create a magical room. Regardless of whether you are purchasing furniture or if you are working with an interior designer, remember go for what you like!

Baby photography chelsea

Space - Space is one of the cornerstones of design. Using and choosing the right space for your child’s bedroom or nursery sets the parameters for how the space will be used and what pieces can fit and work with what you have. Remember ask yourself these quick questions and understand your space to work find your perfect furniture.

  • How can I get the most from my layout?

  • What existing features do I want to conserve (or hide!)?

  • How does the light enter? (Very important for bedrooms)

  • How can I create natural space and avoid over cluttering?

Usage - This may seem like an obvious question but it is actually a very important one! How you decide to use the space impacts directly on what pieces you purchase, how the space is set out and more! Basically, you can split this question into two parts:

  • Will the space be used for multiple activities? Bedroom with use for studying

  • Is there a primary/ main activity for the room? E.g. Bedroom just for sleeping OR playroom just for playing

Baby photography chelsea

A bedroom and study need to match and balance your child’s natural inclination to want to play but also offer a creative, engaging area where study can be embraced. Indeed, single purposes rooms such as nurseries and playrooms must be designed around their primary purposes with the furniture and colours matching this.

Colour - What colours so you like? Are you more traditional? Do you go for blues for boys and pinks for girls? Do you want more neutral tones and colours? The choice of colour must naturally start with the walls. Fine wallpapers and special child paints offer a range of colour options and styles that can be used as the base to build out colour schemes in their room. The colour schemes for rooms impact the choice of furniture and their finishes, the style of furniture you choose and the bedding, of course. Equal weight must be given to murals, paintings and little touches that add extra depth and persona touch, complementing the overarching colour scheme and theme of course.

Theme - Woodland adventures, castles, trains and more abound as themes for bedrooms and nurseries. Both furniture and colour schemes intermingle to create a thematic room that can transport you little ones to another world. Ensure that you work with your designer to understand your child’s likes and encourage their imagination with inspiring decor and pieces. When offering our pieces and our interior design service, we always work with each client to understand their little ones likes and what will delight them on a daily basis making their bedroom or playroom a welcome haven for rest or fun.

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