Twin fun - the best kind of balancing act

November 13, 2017

Photographing twins is always such an exciting opportunity for me - double the expressions, double the cuteness and double the surprises! Each time, I cannot wait to meet the little ones and discover their different personalities. And more often than not, the little twins could not be any more different from each other.


These two darling brothers were no exception. The older one was calm, relaxed and all too sleepy, remaining blissfully uninterested in the camera and the shoot that was going on. His younger sibling, on the other hand, proved quite camera conscious and rather shy, often covering his sweet little face with his tiny arms in the rather typical manner of "no photos, please".


Some of the best shots are when you get the two siblings together - though don't be fooled - this is no easy feat. Unless both are in very deep sleep, you may experience the domino effect - one triggering the other to move and wiggle. Sometimes this makes for incredible photographic surprises and the most divine expressions!











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