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Some people hear photo shoot and immediately think they have to be dash to the hair dresser's, get a full face of make-up and be dressed to impress before ever venturing in front of the camera.

I like to tell my clients that simplicity is key. And that a beautiful photograph can be achieved more easily than one thinks. I have seen it first-hand how potential clients change their minds about doing a photo shoot, apprehensive about not looking their very best.

So, let's chat about the three elements that are making you put off your lovely mummy & me photo shoot. Because I know, they have nothing to do with your little one ;)

1. Hair: Ladies, you might not see it, but I do, and let me tell you - there is something about a woman's hair during pregnancy - it is rarely more gorgeous than during the nine months you are carrying your little one. So when you have just given birth, it looks more stunning than expensive extensions from a top salon. All you need to do is wash it with your favourite nourishing products and give it a nice brush.

2. Make up: A little bit of blush, a little bit of mascara and voila! Natural looks are the best looks - I just think allowing your happiness and love for your little one to shine through will make you look your beautiful best. And in the rare case that a nasty little spot is troubling you, Photoshop will come to our rescue. I promise, I will make sure you love your portraits and proudly show them off.

3. Outfit: A while ago I posted a couple of hopefully useful posts on what to wear and what not to wear at your maternity shoot. Many of the rules apply as well to postpartum photo shoots. The most important rule is to wear your favourite outfit - something that truly represents you and makes you smile :)

If you too are interested in organising a mummy & me photo shoot, please do not hesitate to get in touch! You can email me on or call 07513344088.

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