Smile for mummy

A lot goes on behind the scenes during a photo shoot. Although we all like to think that baby will be blissfully happy from start to finish, this is rarely the case. All too often little ones are struggling with reflux or gas. If they are a bit older, they might be teething or having had a sleepless night.

I like to reassure parents that it is normal that their little one is not in a perfect mood 100% of the time. All the more reason to take things slowly and be gentle with their little one. I like to integrate mum and dad into the poses, to let baby know she is loved and protected, irrespective of what she may be going through. With a lot of cuddles and sweet whispers, the smiles do come through, leaving you, dear parents, with gorgeous images of your little ones.

I promise, the result will have no trace of anything your baby might be struggling with on the day of our shoot. So, please, do smile at them lovingly, and you will see how your little angel smiles right back!

I hope you enjoy the photographs from this gentle mummy & baby session! If you are interested in organising a shoot, please do not hesitate to get in touch or call me on 07513344088.

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