The most fragile little twins

I sometimes like to think that having twins - one boy and one girl - is the best! You are lucky to get one of each and the twins needn't wait a couple of years or more for a sibling they would call their best friend :)

As simple and dreamy as it sounds, there is nothing simple about raising two tiny babies at once! This gorgeous family was smart to invest in one of the city's best midwives, specialising in twins and triplets! You could immediately sense the relaxed atmosphere in their home - something rather unthinkable for first-time parents. Or any parents of tiny humans for that matter.

Finding great care isn't easy, but it is so invaluable. Especially as it builds new parents' confidence in their capability to handle the fragile little beings they have created. Also, having an experienced midwife stay with you during the first few weeks means that you grownups still outnumber the little ones and there is always a spare set of hands in case of a(n) (poo) emergency.

You can truly see the tranquillity on the little ones' faces. We also tried a few poses and styles that aren't as characteristic for my style, but beautifully represented the peacefulness of the sweet siblings and love and care that surrounded them from the first minute they were born.

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