A little beauty turned one

April 9, 2018

I do love a cake smash shoot! Mind you, so much work goes into preparing for it - the decorations, the cake, the backdrops and cake topper... and let's not forget the balloons. 


As I prepare for the shoot, I cannot help but wonder how the little one will react to the cake. Yes, the shoot is a cake SMASH, but parents are often surprised that their children do not always bash the cake into unrecognisable mush. 


I have seen it all - from birthday boys and girls who dive in face first, to little ones who gently and courteously pick the cream with a finger, the babies who would not even go near the cake and start crying at the mere sight of the calories.


The truth is that the shoot is over in a fraction of the time it takes to set up... and clean up after. But it is so so worth it. The adorable faces that the little ones pull at the sight (and taste) of the cake are just so precious! Absolutely adorable :)







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