Top tips on preparing the perfect cake smash cake

A cake smash photo shoot always features too stars - the cake and your little birthday boy or girl. Personally, I always insist that your baby be the lead of the shoot - never risking that the little one be outshined by too fancy a cake.

Below as some pointers I always follow when preparing for a cake smash photo shoot:

1. Avoid chocolate cakes at all costs.

Don't we all love chocolate? I think we do. But opting for a chocolate cake during your cake smash shoot can only result in one thing - poo looking blobs of mush. You do not want that around your baby's face, right?

2. Go with a creme frosting.

Whipped creme style cake coating is the best and easiest for little ones to play with and swish around. The thing you would least want to do is pick a cake which has a hard fondant coating. I swear, that's impossible for little ones to tackle.

3. Always add sprinkles.

Sprinkles, or little playful toppings always add a layer of interest, and are a sure-fire way for your baby to start exploring and picking at the cake. You can get really creative with them and ensure no two cakes are ever the same.

4. Go for the softest sponge.

There are the very dry, boring cakes, and then there are the syrupy (not to use the word moist) cakes. Opt for the latter. This will ensure the cake can easily be broken apart, potentially even tossed across the room... maybe even at the photographer.

I hope these tips are helpful!

Like what you see? Do get in touch to plan your little one's cake smash by emailing me on

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