My absolute favourite shot

You might have noticed this little guy's photo across all my social media channels, my website, even my newsletters. I am not going to lie, I am completely in love with this photo shoot and all the AMAZING images this little boy allowed me to create.

How stunning is he. Ever since this shoot, all I do is try to recreate the gorgeous shots (if I do say so myself) with every tiny client. Personally, if I were a mum, these photos would be all I need of my little one. Very simple, yet so impactful.

To me, the key to getting such stunning shots (ok I promise I really am not so boastful normally), is the interaction between the photographer and the baby. There is nothing that can replace this component when creating photographs like these.

Like what you see? Whether it is for a special occasion or just to freeze a moment in time, do get in touch to chat about the opportunity of me photographing your gorgeous little baby.

You can email me on

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