A glowing grandmother

I love when I arrive at my client's home and a grandparent is present. They say there's nothing quite like a grandparent's love, and I can always see that in their eyes.

Dear parents, I know you are smitten with your newborn, but please do take a moment to notice just how much head over heels the grandparents are with your new arrival. Especially if the little one is their first grandchild. They are over the moon.

I always insist that we take some grandparent and grandbaby shots. Often, the grandparents are reluctant at first, not wanting to take up of the shoot time, or convinced that they will not look good in the photo.

Yet once they are in front of the camera with the little one in their arms, their eyes smile and they give me the most loving looks. I cannot recommend highly enough to invite your parents to witness your newborn shoot, as well as be included in some of the photographs. I promise you, these will be their most prized possessions and moments!

Like what you see?

Do get in touch to chat about your newborn photo shoot. I also provide gift cards for new and expecting parents! Do email me at diana@dianapavlovaphotography.com

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