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Five Unexpected Realities of Being a Baby Photographer

Baby photography is a very popular and much loved genre for families and photographers alike. From newborns to toddlers, baby photoshoots are all about capturing precious moments and creating memories that last a lifetime. But what many people don’t realise is that there’s a lot more to being a professional baby photographer than meets the eye. Here are five surprising things you may not expect when it comes to the work of a baby photographer.

Safety is Paramount

The safety of your little ones is always the number one priority for any professional baby photographer. Taking care to ensure the environment is comfortable and free from hazards, as well as keeping an eye on babies at all times, are just some of the ways photographers look out for their tiny models. From overheating, to having their little fingers or toes caught in garments or fabrics, to uncomfortable neck positions - keeping up with safety regulations and standards is also incredibly important in this profession. Make sure you ask whether your photographer of choice has trained in baby safety.

Patience Is Key

Baby photography requires patience—lots and lots of it! Babies can often be unpredictable, meaning that getting them settled and picture can take time. Photographers need to be ready with comforting words, plenty of breaks, and creative ideas in order to get those perfect shots in-between moments of chaos. An experienced photographer will know how to navigate the chaos with calm and grace, removing any trace of said chaos in the final version of the pictures in your gallery.

It’s All About Creative Problem-Solving

Problem solving can be an invaluable skill when it comes to working with babies! With so many variables in play (from lighting conditions to props), being able to think quickly on your feet and come up with creative solutions can make all the difference between taking great shots or missing them altogether. Staying open and flexible to each baby’s needs (and wants) is essential. You may not get the shot that you had in mind ahead of the shoot, but often you will end up with even better ones – completely spontaneous and unique to the little one’s personality.

Working Quickly Is Essential

Babies have notoriously short attention spans! This makes working quickly (but please never confuse this with rushed!) essential for any professional baby photographer—you have to be able to capture those perfect moments before they pass you by. This means having your camera settings prepped ahead of time, knowing which angles work best for each shot, and being ready with backup plans if needed.

Building Connections Is Important

When working with babies (and their parents!), building relationships is key. Not only does this help create trust between photographer and family but it allows parents to relax and have fun during their session too - something that will show through in the photos taken. More often than not parents are a bit reluctant to be part of the shoot and insist on the focus staying on their pressure little baby. A good photographer will make sure to turn this idea around and create plenty of wonderful family pictures of the little one(s) with their loving parents.

Working as a baby photographer isn’t easy; it takes dedication, patience, problem-solving skills, quick reflexes - oh yeah - plus a whole lot of love too. Still, it remains one of the most rewarding jobs out there - after all who doesn't love capturing precious moments?


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