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  • How much space do we need? What if our home isn't very big?
    The size of the room is one of the most common concerns families share during our initial phone chat. I have yet to work in a space that was not suitable and doesn't produce great pictures. Sometimes smaller spaces are actually easier to work in, so you will be surprised! I have been to hundreds of homes and always created great pictures. Upon arrival, I will ask you to show me around your home so we can choose the best spacesin terms of light and style (most often the bedroom, living room and nursery).
  • Our home does not get too much light. Would this be an issue?
    Not at all! I always bring my own lights, which are incredibly compact and do not distract or intimidate children and babies. My lights are never pointed towards a baby's or family member's face and are extremely safe to use, even with newborns. My lights ensure that I achieve the bright and airy look that families that choose to work with me love. Even on the cloudiest or rainiest of London days.
  • When is the best time to do a shoot?
    Newborn Sessions I only book 10 newborn baby sessions each month to allow for flexibility with early or late births. The sooner the session is booked, the better. My clients tend to book as early as their 20-week scan. If your baby has already arrived, do not hesitate to reach out, as I sometimes have last-minute availability. Maternity Sessions I recommend that the maternity shoot takes place after about 32 weeks of pregnancy, ideally in the seventh month. Bookings can take place any time after the 12-week scan. Baby and Toddler Sessions Little ones are constantly changing during the first year, which is why any time is a great time to schedule a professional photography session and capture their sweet faces and lovely features. Classic opportunities for shoots include when they start to sit unaided, learn to crawl and even make first steps. Upon booking, I will follow up with full session information and helpful next steps - including how to prepare for the photoshoot and tips on what to wear on the day.
  • How long does a shoot last?
    The length of your shoot will generally be the length stated in the package you have booked. I have worked with over 400 babies and am able to create a calm and comfortable environment for them, so that we can achieve the pictures you have selected in the time frame that is associated with your package of choice.
  • What if my baby develops acne, jaundice, flaky skin or manages to scratch herself in the lead up to our shoot? Shall we reschedule?"
    Not at all! All of the above tend to be quite normal for newborn babies and can all be fixed with professional retouching. Parents have been amazed to see how these little details are completely gone in their final pictures. Do not hesitate to contact me in case you have any concerns.
  • How do I prepare for my photo shoot at home?
    I try to ensure that the shoot is as calm and stress-free as possible for both parents and baby. So there is not much for you to do. Some light decluttering of the bedroom and living room would be great, as these are the most frequent spaces we take pictures in. It would be great if you could keep the bedside tables clear of objects, as these often appear in your pictures as a nice finished look of your bedroom. Some fresh flowers are a great touch, but do not worry if you don't have any at home.
  • What shall I wear for my photo shoot?
    In the lead up to our shoot I will share with you my "What to wear" guide with inspiration of what looks good in pictures. Feel free to also explore my Instagram @dianapavlovaphotography for ideas of what other families have opted for and see whether these match your style and preference. I am also happy to chat over the phone and help you pick specific pieces from your wardrobe.
  • Is newborn photography safe?
    Absolutely. I have received extensive training in baby safety and am constantly monitoring baby's well-being at every point during our shoot. As you can see from my portfolio, I do not opt for dangerous or unusual poses to begin with. I will always provide guidance to parents how to hold their babies securely and comfortably in each pose, especially if the pose feels new to the parent. Also, not every baby will enjoy being in a certain position, so I always follow baby's queues and we just skip a "pose" in case the baby doesn't like the pose.
  • Do I have to pay extra for the retouching?
    Not at all. All the pictures that you will receive as part of your package are professionally retouched by me. I retouch by hand and do not work with filters or presets. An unretouched picture is an unfinished product, so I will never deliver an unretouched picture as part of your package.
  • I would like to book a shoot with you. How do I pay for it?
    To book your shoot, I ask for a £150 non-refundable deposit at the time of booking. The remainder of the package sum is due 5 working days before the shoot.

Email me at or call 0751 3344088.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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